Drone X Challenge 2020

US$1.5+ Million


Applications for Phase II are now closed.
DXC 2020 team is currently reviewing all the applications.

US$1 Million Final Prize
US$500,000+ R&D Grants

of R&D Grants
for Phase I

Teams for
Phase II

Flugauto Bladetips Energy Project AlphaLink Skypull Cargo REYNS™ Taskforce powered by SCDS Corp Vyorius Droned'Air Flybotix Passerine Aircraft FragaX Persistent Aerospace RaptorUAS VTOL- CRAFT Technologies. Drone Hopper AirVector Rotoye INESC TEC/SeeOnSea Aerial Robotic Team AeroVW FTTC UiTM-AICAD AeroDiagnostika Pegasus HeadHunter Limited FWD Kray Technologies Inc Onemandrone Dotterel Technologies EndureAir RPAS-Lab UPM Nanjing Zhifei Aeronautics Technology Limited Company

About the

A US$1.5+ Million Global Challenge (US$1 Million Final Prize and US$500,000+ in R&D Grants) that is pushing the frontiers of R&D and innovation in drone technologies.

DXC 2020 aims at accelerating the practical deployment of drones/UAVs in key applications focusing on transportation and delivery. DXC 2020 will support innovative commercial applications/solutions that tackle two major challenges: payload capacity and flight endurance.


  • Fixed-wing Drones Battery Powered
    Minimum Payload: 15 Kg
    Minimum Endurance: 45 Min
  • Hydrocarbon/Hybrid Powered
    Minimum Payload: 50 Kg
    Minimum Endurance: 360 Min
  • Multi-rotor Drones Battery Powered
    Minimum Payload: 50 Kg
    Minimum Endurance: 45 Min
  • Hydrocarbon/Hybrid Powered
    Minimum Payload: 50 Kg
    Minimum Endurance: 180 Min


Advisory Board

  • Dr. Zexiang Li
    Professor of the Department of Electrical
    and Computer Engineering - HKUST
  • Dr. Gary McGrath
    Senior Director of Technology
  • Dr. Kamel Saidi
    Leader of Sensing & Perception Systems Group
    in the Intelligent Systems Division
    National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Dr. Ahmad Bani Younes
    Assistant Professor
    San Diego State University (SDSU)
  • Dr. Tarek Taha
    Senior Technical Lead
  • Dr. Giuseppe Loianno
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Anibal Ollero
    Head of the Robotics Vision and Control Group
    University of Sevilla
  • Edward Anderson
    Technology and Innovation Specialist
    World Bank
  • Asher Siddiqui
    Investor, Mentor and Advisor
    Krypto Labs


US$1.5+ Million

R&D Grants Phase I: US$320,000*
Phase II: US$300,000*
* Divided among funded teams
Final Prize US$1,000,000

Krypto Labs

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The Krypto Labs incubator program is carefully designed to support new ideas and established start-ups with vital assistance, including mentorship, funding, networking, and other support services to allow innovators to concentrate on their core competencies. Selected start-ups will receive funding in return for a negotiated stake in their company.