Are Drones Allowed In Greece?

Are Drones Allowed In Greece?

Imagine the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the old ruins of past times. Think of the island sunsets that take your breath away. Now, picture getting all these scenes from the air. It’s not just a dream but a fact for many, with around 200,000 drones legally flying over Greece every year. This shows how popular drones are and the importance of knowing Greece’s drone laws. I wanted to share Greece’s beauty from above, so I looked deeply into whether Are Drones Allowed In Greece?.

Yes, you can fly drones in Greece and see its beauty from above, but you must follow some rules. These rules come from the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA). They are part of Greece’s drones laws and the European Union’s rules. It’s important for everyone, locals and visitors, to know these laws. Knowing them helps you enjoy flying your drone without trouble.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Greece’s drone regulations enhances your flying experience.
  • Compliance with both EU and HCAA laws protects from legal repercussions.
  • Knowledge of drone categories ensures operation within legal parameters.
  • Pre-flight preparation is crucial, including registration and notifying local authorities.
  • Familiarity with no-fly zones, such as military areas and hospitals, avoids fines.
  • Drone insurance is a must for commercial operators in Greece.

Greece’s Drone Regulation Overview

Do you love capturing Greece’s beauty from above? Then, knowing the drone laws is crucial. Greece works hard to keep drone flying safe. This aligns with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Greece’s own rules. We will explore the rules for Operating drones in Greece.

Greece welcomes drone flying, but with important rules. To fly drones legally, be aware of Greece’s EASA rules. For drones under 25 kg, you can fly in the Open Category. But for commercial flying, you must follow extra Greece UAV rules.

Compliance with European Union Drone Laws

Greece follows the EASA rules but has extra ones too. These rules protect people’s privacy and keep the skies safe. For smooth flying, knowing and following these rules is key.

Contacting the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority

Need help or have questions about drone laws? Contact the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA). They can help you understand Greece UAV rules. You can email them at YPA@HCAA.GR or call +30 210 891600. They will help you fly drones safely and legally.

Understanding EU Drone Categories

Looking into Greek drone restrictions shows the need to understand the EU’s drone categories. This is crucial for anyone wanting to fly a drone in Greece. The Open Category, known for ease of access, catches my interest the most.

This category fits drones with class labels from 0 to 4. It also includes drones bought before January 1, 2023, even if they don’t have a label. I need to follow specific rules in this category to ensure my drone flying is safe and legal.

One key rule is keeping my drone in sight at all times. This helps me avoid flying into restricted areas or hitting something by mistake. Also, I must not fly my drone over people, as it’s not allowed in the Open Category.

Staying below a 120-metre altitude is another important rule. Though it might seem limiting, it gives me enough space to capture Greece’s beauty from the sky. This lets me expand my creativity while following the law.

  • Class Identification Labels 0-4
  • Drones without a label (purchased before 01/01/2023)
  • Visual Line of Sight Mandatory
  • No Direct Flight Over People
  • 120-Meter Altitude Limit

The Open Category is made for drone lovers and public safety. It allows beginners and experts to fly drones in Greece responsibly. It’s a perfect mix that makes flying drones both safe and fun.

Greece’s National Drone Laws

If you love drones, knowing Greece’s rules is key. You need to understand both the drone laws and how to get permits. These rules help keep everyone safe and private while you fly and see Greece from above.

Registration and Application Procedures

Before flying a drone, there are steps to follow. The first step is registering your drone. Next, you must apply for a flight permit for each flight. Then, tell the local police about your flight. This makes sure you’re flying legally and safely.

Flight Restrictions and Altitude Limits

There are rules about how high you can fly. The rule is drones can’t go above 120 meters. This is for everyone’s safety and follows flying standards. Following these rules is very important.

Commercial vs Recreational Drone Use

Using drones for business or fun in Greece is different. Business drone users face stricter rules. They need special insurance. People flying for fun have more freedom but must know the rules well.

No flying drones at night, whichever your reason. Heavier drones have extra rules. Greece balances technology and safety carefully.

If you love flying drones under the beautiful Greek sky, knowing the Greek drone restrictions is a must. The country offers amazing views from above, but some places are off-limits. Knowing where you can and can’t fly your drone is key to following the law and flying safely.

Places you can’t fly include military sites, historic spots, and national parks. These areas are important and protected for different reasons. Ignoring these rules can lead to big fines or even legal trouble. Let’s look at what spaces are okay versus those that are restricted.

Allowed Spaces Restricted Areas
Unpopulated public beaches Military facilities
Countryside or fields away from urban areas Prisons and detention centers
Certain approved regional airports Hospitals and healthcare facilities
Designated drone parks Greek national stadiums

Following Greek drone restrictions also means respecting people’s privacy. Don’t fly over someone’s property without their okay. Always ask for permission before flying near or over private areas. Respecting these rules is important for everyone’s privacy and safety.

For more info, you can talk to the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority. Or check out the Drone Aware Greece app for the latest drone flying news in Greece.

Remember, using drones responsibly means keeping everyone safe and secure. By sticking to the Greek drone restrictions, we can all enjoy flying drones in Greece without trouble.

Greece UAV Rules for Foreign Operators

Traveling the world with my drone, I know it’s crucial to follow Greece UAV rules. Greece’s stunning landscapes are perfect for drone photos and videos. But first, you must understand the local Drone laws in Greece to fly legally.

Tourist Registration Requirements

To start in Greece, tourists must register with the authorities. You’ll get a unique operator number to identify you while flying. This keeps drone flights safe and ensures pilots know the rules.

Flying Drones in Greek Free-Fly Zones

Greece has free-fly zones for easier drone piloting. Yet, I recommend the Drone Aware Greece app. It shows where you’re allowed to fly and avoids illegal areas, keeping you in line with Drone laws in Greece.

Cross-Country Validity of Drone Certificates

EU drone certificate holders have an advantage. It’s valid in all EU countries, including Greece. This saves you from extra paperwork and gives more time for flying.

Following these rules ensures safe skies and fun flying in Greece. Remember to register, use the designated zones, and keep your drone certificate with you. This way, you’ll enjoy Greece’s beauty from above without any trouble.

Greece Drone Flight Restrictions

Flying a drone in Greece means following some important rules. These Greece drone flight restrictions keep everyone safe and respect privacy. They ensure the country’s security and the rights of its people.

  • It’s important to not fly higher than 120 meters. This keeps drones away from manned aircraft and safe from accidents.
  • I must always see my drone. It shouldn’t go further than 500 meters away from me.
  • Don’t fly drones at night. It’s risky because it’s hard to see, which can cause problems.
  • If I want to fly over military areas, I need to get special permission for safety reasons.
  • I can still enjoy flying my drone in Greece within approved areas. I just have to follow the rules for the Open Category.

By following the Greece drone flight restrictions, I’m not just obeying the law. I’m also showing respect for Greece’s heritage and its people’s privacy. Whether for fun or work, obeying these rules makes flying drones here a great experience.

Securing a Drone Pilot Certificate in Greece

Want to fly drones in Greece? You need to get the right permits first. Greece has strict drone rules. So, getting an EU Drone License is essential for drone pilots. Let’s explore what you need to do.

EU Drone License: Basic and Supplementary Certificates

To fly drones legally in Greece, you’ll need the EU Drone License. It has two parts: the A1-A3 certificate for drones weighing 250 grams to 25 kilos, and the A2 certificate for heavier drones flown near cities.

Enroll in an EASA-Approved Drone Training

To get these certificates, you should join an EASA-approved drone training program. This training teaches you how to fly safely in Greece’s skies.

Minimum Distances and Drone Weight Categories

When flying drones of different weights in Greece, you must keep a safe distance from people. These rules help protect everyone’s safety.

Drone Weight Minimum Distance from People Type of Certificate Required
Under 250g Not applicable None
250g to 4kg 50m (Open A1) EU Drone License A1-A3
4kg to 25kg 150m (Open A2) EU Drone License A2

Responsible Drone Piloting and Insurance

Drone piloting in Greece is not just about the views. It demands a strong sense of responsibility. Knowing the balance between freedom and regulation is key.

Drone Laws in Greece

Adhering to Safety Measures and Privacy Laws

Following safety measures is crucial for responsible drone use. Knowing the Greece UAV rules is vital. These include not flying over people, always keeping the drone in sight, and respecting privacy.

Privacy laws in Greece are strict. Ignoring them can result in legal trouble.

Understanding Insurance Obligations in Greece

Regarding Drone laws in Greece, having insurance matters a lot. It’s especially important for commercial drone pilots and drones over 4 kg. Insurance protects your drone and covers liabilities if an accident happens.

Best Practices for Avoiding Disturbance

To avoid causing trouble, staying updated with rules is essential. Good flying habits matter too. Avoid flying over homes without permission and keep noise down. This ensures smooth drone operations.

Parameter Requirement
Maximum Flying Altitude 120 meters
Privacy Respect Do not capture images of private property without consent
Insurance Mandatory for commercial operators and drones over 4 kg
Night Flying Prohibited


In my quest to grasp UAV regulations, I found that Greece treats drones seriously. You can fly them, but you must follow strict rules from Greece and the EU. Understanding these regulations is key for anyone wanting to fly drones in Greece. This covers flying for fun or work. It’s vital to register and know the Greek drone flight rules well.

Drones offer stunning views of Greece’s ancient ruins and beautiful coasts. But this comes with the need for responsibility. Keeping up with drone laws is crucial. It makes sure our flying adventures are fun and legal. By getting the right training and certificates, I can fly without worries.

Wanting to fly drones over Greece, I feel reassured knowing the importance of following the rules. This ensures the country’s safety and respects everyone’s privacy. Drone flight rules in Greece aren’t meant to limit us. They aim to make flying drones a positive experience for everyone. So yes, flying a drone in Greece is possible. But always remember to respect the laws up in the sky.


Are Drones Allowed In Greece?

Yes, you can fly drones in Greece. But you need to follow specific rules from the European Union and Greece.

What are the key Greece drone regulations to consider?

When flying a drone, remember a few key rules. You need to register your drone, keep it in sight, and not fly too high. Also, stay away from no-fly zones and get the right permits if you’re flying for work.

How do I comply with European Union drone laws in Greece?

To follow EU laws, register as a drone pilot first. You’ll need to know about three categories (Open, Specific, and Certified). Also, get your EU drone certificate.
Got questions about drones in Greece? Reach out to the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority. Email them at YPA@HCAA.GR or call +30 210 8916000.

What do I need to know about EU drone categories when flying in Greece?

For casual drone flying, the Open Category is most important. This is for drones under 25 kg. Make sure to keep the drone where you can see it and don’t go above 120 meters high.

What are Greece’s national drone laws for registration and application?

In Greece, you need to register your drone to get a number. And sometimes, you must ask for permission. For business drones, you need special permits and insurance.

What flight restrictions and altitude limits are there in Greece?

Keep your drone flights below 120 meters and within your line of sight. Don’t fly it further than 500 meters away.

How does Greece distinguish between commercial and recreational drone use?

Drone pilots flying for work need more permissions and must follow stricter rules. This includes insurance and how they operate compared to hobbyists.

What areas are off-limits for drone flights in Greece?

You can’t fly drones over military places, archaeological sites, prisons, hospitals, and similar locations. You need special approval for these areas.

What are the drone rules for foreign operators in Greece?

If you’re visiting, register your drone and follow local rules. Also, make sure your EU drone certificate works in Greece.

Can I fly my drone in Greek free-fly zones without restrictions?

Free-fly zones exist, but you still need to be safe. There might be some rules to follow even there.

Are drone certificates obtained in other EU countries valid in Greece?

Yes, if you got a drone certificate in any EU country, it’s good all over the EU, including Greece.

What is required to secure a drone pilot certificate in Greece?

To get a drone pilot certificate, you need to pass an online course and test to get the A1-A3 certificate. If you have a heavier drone, you may need the A2 certificate as well.

Why is it important to adhere to safety measures and privacy laws while piloting drones?

Following safety and privacy laws helps avoid accidents and protects people’s privacy.

What are the insurance obligations for drone operators in Greece?

If you fly drones for business or drones over 4 kg, you need liability insurance as per Greek law.

What are some best practices to avoid causing disturbance with my drone?

Don’t fly over people or private places without asking. Avoid bothering animals and keep noise down near homes.
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